Service list for my own home cloud

Reading Time: 1 minute

Following is a list of services build on my home cloud infra:

  1. dynamic dns
  2. openvpn, sshd, mosh
  3. nextcloud (mysql, redis); email integration to yahoomail, 2fa, auto sync, mobile photo auto uploading; onlyoffice integration (todo)
  4. wordpress (docker), mysql
  5. plex server (tautulli)
  6. transmission (transmission-rss)
  7. shinobi for cctv (to-do)
  8. kodi

Services for operations and maintenance:

  1. Prometheus and grafana
  2. kafka, fluentd and ELK stack (to-do)
  3. node-exporter for all nodes (agent to prometheus)

Water fasting – Easy to follow guideline

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I’ve been doing on a non regular basis water fasting, from 1 to 2 days, and a few rounds of 7 days.  Now, I’m starting to think is there a better way to be consistent on using this water only fasting on a sustainable method.

So, I will just use the android application called LIFE fasting tracker to track the water only fasting duration.  While I will just use a simple 1 day of water fasting for every calendar week.  For example, now we are at week 16 and I’ve only done 8 days of water fasting this year.  It means that I’m 8 days of water fasting behind target.

Hope this arrangement will keep me going on a more regular basis.