Berkelah waterfall – Pahang

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Our journey for a 2D/1N camping trip begins with a 2 and a half hours drive from Subang to Gambang, pahang where we will be hopping into a 4×4 to take us into the parking zone for people who travel to the lower water streams for picnics.  Berkelah has 7 falls and you could read more about the waterfall from

We were told that the hiking trail to the camp site near to the highest fall will take around 1-2 hours.  However, as the trail is not really clear with some really dangerous slopes, we took almost 2.5 hours to reach our campsite.

Our trip itinerary as following:

Day1 8.00am - Meet at Subang for breakfast and buy our lunch pack.
     9.30am - Start our car travel journey to pick-up point
              on a 4WD.
    11.50am - Reached pickup point.
    12.30pm - 4WD drive towards the main carpark.
    12.40pm - Our hiking starts.
     3.10pm - Finally reached campsite (2.5h).
     4.00pm - Done setting up tents, hammock, common tarp 
              and strings. Gather wood, branches.
     4.30pm - Water play.
     6.00pm - Started campfire, grill pork and beef steak.
     8.00pm - Happy hour starts, chit chat talk cock.
    11.00pm - Time for bed.

Day2 7.00am - Make coffee, started fire for preparing breakfast.
     9.00am - Pack-up
     9.30am - Left campsite.
    11.30am - Reached pickup point.
    12.00pm - 4WD pickup.
     1.00pm - Proceeded to nearby restaurant at Seri Jaya, 
              Maran for lunch.
     2.00pm - Travel by car back to Subang.

On 4WD towards Berkelah trailhead.

Hiking starts.

Middle of the journey towards campsite.  It’s quite a dangerous path with slippery rock along a good lengthy (30 minutes) stretch of hike before reaching camp site near 7th falls.   It is also very exposed and were we sun burnt and puncture because of the heat from the sun and the hot rock surface.

The chairs were the first to be assembled after a tiring hike.

Nice campsite arrangement.

At the 7th fall.

Water play before sun down.

  Grilling bacon.

Vege with the sauces prepared by TY was so good.

.Enjoying the dinner the jungle way without the need for own cutlery.

Nice steak.

Happy hour, smiley face.

Overall, my opinion of this waterfall site:

5-star for water fall view.

3-star for water quality, not see through clarity water.

2-star for hiking trail, due to dangerous rock surface and sloops. Definitely not recommended for kids below 15.

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