My Dynamic DNS setup

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If you don’t already have a paid domain name, you could subscriber a free domain from many free domain providers out there.  However, there are certain rules that come with free things, you can only get free 1 year and then I think you have to renew it before it expires.  Otherwise, you could subscribe to paid domain with the price indicated below:

upgrade price
upgrade price per year

For me, I will add a reminder to renew this domain when it is near expiry date.

The other thing to be taken care of is the setting of the nameserver for this domain name, you could either use freenom domain name server to update your public IP address or re-assigned other domain name server to handle the IP address updates for this domain name.  Below is how you re-assign the domain name server from freenom:

re-assigning custom nameserver

From freenom site, click “management tool” then “nameserver”.  From there you could input nameservers of your preference.  I’ve used nameserver from cloudflare, so I will have the following nameservers:


For cloudflare, you have to first subscribe service from cloudflare, then add domain you which cloudflare to provide DNS resolution.

After setting the custom nameserver in freenom, then you need to follow instructions from cloudflare to update the IP address if your public IP address changes.  I’m just using a linux machine that uses a cronjob to check every 10 minutes if my public IP address changes:

0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /home/alarm/scripts/

snippet of the scripts as following to update cloudflare domain name server , I’ve removed of sensitive information:

[alarm@c2 ~]$ cat /home/alarm/scripts/

# below is to get WAN IP address
WANIP="$(wget -qO-"
echo "WANIP = ${WANIP}"

DNSIP=`curl -s -X GET "" -H "X-Auth-Email:" -H "X-Auth-Key: xxxxxxxxxxx" -H "Content-Type: application/json" | jq -r ".result[].content"|uniq`
echo "DNSIP = ${DNSIP}"

if [ "$WANIP" = "$DNSIP" ]
echo "WANIP = DNSIP"
echo "WANIP = ${WANIP}"
echo "DNSIP = ${DNSIP}"
# Update the DNS record if IP changed
curl -s -X GET "" -H "X-Auth-Email:" -H "X-Auth-Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -H "Content-Type: application/json" | jq -r ".result[] | select(.type == \"A\") | @sh \"curl -s -w '\n' -X PUT\(.id) -H 'X-Auth-Email:' -H 'X-Auth-Key: xxxxxxxx' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '\" + ({type: \"A\", name: .name, content: \"$WANIP\"} | tostring) + \"'\"" | xargs -0 sh -ck

If you have further question, please do drop me a comment or email.

Another water fasting

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I have always wanted to improve the state of heath and spending time to research ways we could achieve the goal by doing the correct things in order to be at optimum level of health.

Through the journey, I now understand that being fit doesn’t necessary mean equates to being healthy.  It is similar to being thin doesn’t necessary equates being healthy.  So, what is being healthy?  My personal opinion of being healthy is like a car after a good regular maintenance service,  internal cleaning and grooming.  You could feel the smooth power transmission when you steps on the accelerator.  If we take this analogy on human, then it would be a method similar to ‘oil change/engine overhaul’.  And the after effect is that your body will be more efficient on its day to day operations without the feeling of sluggishness.

Another long water fast attempt

In this round of water fasting, I have set a goal of 14 days.  I’ve done many rounds of water fasting and going into it is no longer a problem for me.

1st day, I was still with the hunger feeling during the normal feeding time.  My eating time is usually 12noon (lunch) and 8pm (dinner), and I usually skip morning breakfast.  I have been skipping morning breakfast for around 6 months now after I have found many evident that is contrary to what we have been thought for years, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

Day 2, the faster mouth effect is not that strong and prevalent this round.  On Day 3, I’ve started to add Himalayan salt and Bragg apple cider vinegar to my water.  4th day, goes by with minimum hunger feeling.  5th day, I still went to a 8 kilometer hiking as usual with water with added salt to prevent cramps; not an issue to hike.  Day 6, the boring feeling set in, it is boring to not be able to eat anything; to me the fasting is not really taxing to the physical body but to the mind.   Final day 7, decided to break fast with fruits and juices.

Lesson learnt from this round of fasting:

  1.  Have a preparation stage before going into water fasting.  Perform like 1 or 2 days of fruits and vegetables only diet.
  2. Don’t attempt a too long water fasting, unless you are on vacation and not working.
  3. Water fasting is a very good tool to be used to remove any old bad habits, be it eating (types of food selection), snacking, exercising, sleeping.
  4. Self awareness will be more indepth
  5. Ability to increase almost all the senses
  6. Will add water fasting into the normal schedule
  7. Will perform fruits, vegetables and nuts before and after fasting.

That’s all from me this round.  Its a journey of learning, every single round of fasting brings more clarity in the mind and well-being.   Chow !!!