Mount Yong Yap – G6

Gunung Yong Yap (2168m) is the 6th highest point in Peninsular Malaysia or also known as G6.  From wikipedia, “The Mount Yong Yap trek is considered to be one of the most toughest mountain treks in Peninsula Malaysia.”.  But from our experience, G10 or less known Mount Benum (2017m) seams to be much harder as we attempted a 21 hour daypack and weren’t successful in submitting peak.

We have all organized our way for meeting up at the meetup point for 4WD pickup, there were some who booked and stayed in nearby motels, sleep a night at the temple hall and those that drove around 2am.

07.00am – Meetup point at Guan Di Miao Temple car park, Kampung Raja, 39000 Tanah Rata

We are all anxiously waiting for the porters and supporting crews at meetup point.  A briefing session by our organizer Mr. Calvin on logistics and upcoming schedule.

08.30am – Depart with 4WD

Calvin’s expression is funny.

09.30am – Arrival at trailhead (650m) and start hiking

We’ve unloaded all backpacks and getting ready for the hike to our camp site.

10.00am – Simpang Y (5km, 900m)

01.00pm – Kem Agas (5km, 1100m), 5 river crossing up to this point  and we have to wait for instruction for using this as our camp site as there are other campers occupying the next camp (Sungai Jeruk).

We have decided not to hike up to Yong Yap peak on the first days, and we will setup our tent, wait for lunch (finally ready around 3pm, then next meal dinner at around 8pm).  We have to sleep early today, as our next day will be an early day.  Participants who wish to summit YY peak has to wake up around 1am and get ready to start hiking at 2am.  As we target to reach peak before the sunrise.

DAY2: 02.00am –  We were suppose to have our breakfast before starting the summit but our breakfast were not ready yet.  Start hiking, everyone getting ready for the interesting hike.

04.30am – Arrival at camp site at Kem Sungai Jeruk (3km, 1600m). Another 16 river crossing up to this point.

2 deep knee river crossing before Kem Agas. The rest of river are ankle high.  We stopped for a while to rest and hoped that our breakfast arrives, but it never did catch up with up.  So, we have no choice than to proceed to summit empty stomach.

05.00am – Arrival at Kem Balak Pecah, actual last waterpoint (1km, 1700m)

05.30am – Arrival at Last Waterpoint, this waterpoint needs 10 minutes off track hike, for emergency only (1km, 1750m)

06.00am – Arrival at Simpang Bubu (1km, 1900m)

Our breakfast finally arrived at the peak of Yong Yap, what a delightful breakfast at the peak which is freezing cold, I think the temperature is around 18c and strong wind.

07.00am – Arrival at Peak Yong Yap (1.5km 2168m)

08.00am – Start journey back to camp site
12.00pm – Arrival at camp site
01.00pm – Start journey back to trailhead, it was raining during our full gear journey back to trailhead.
04.00pm – Arrival at Simpang Y
05.00pm – Depart with 4WD, as the group has different speed hikers, 1st 4WD departed after having full 11 participants arrived at meetup point. During the return, it rained again and with the chilly cold wind, a few of our participants were seen shivering.


2nd and 3rd 4WD left the site and arrived at the temple around 7pm.

06.00pm – Arrival at meetup point

Congratulations to all participants who successfully conquered Gunung Yong Yap (2168m), the 6th highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. 35km hike in 2D1N showed great commitment, physical strength and tough mentality in all of you.   Well done, see you at the next peak.

Berkelah waterfall – Pahang

Our journey for a 2D/1N camping trip begins with a 2 and a half hours drive from Subang to Gambang, pahang where we will be hopping into a 4×4 to take us into the parking zone for people who travel to the lower water streams for picnics.  Berkelah has 7 falls and you could read more about the waterfall from

We were told that the hiking trail to the camp site near to the highest fall will take around 1-2 hours.  However, as the trail is not really clear with some really dangerous slopes, we took almost 2.5 hours to reach our campsite.

Our trip itinerary as following:

Day1 8.00am - Meet at Subang for breakfast and buy our lunch pack.
     9.30am - Start our car travel journey to pick-up point
              on a 4WD.
    11.50am - Reached pickup point.
    12.30pm - 4WD drive towards the main carpark.
    12.40pm - Our hiking starts.
     3.10pm - Finally reached campsite (2.5h).
     4.00pm - Done setting up tents, hammock, common tarp 
              and strings. Gather wood, branches.
     4.30pm - Water play.
     6.00pm - Started campfire, grill pork and beef steak.
     8.00pm - Happy hour starts, chit chat talk cock.
    11.00pm - Time for bed.

Day2 7.00am - Make coffee, started fire for preparing breakfast.
     9.00am - Pack-up
     9.30am - Left campsite.
    11.30am - Reached pickup point.
    12.00pm - 4WD pickup.
     1.00pm - Proceeded to nearby restaurant at Seri Jaya, 
              Maran for lunch.
     2.00pm - Travel by car back to Subang.

On 4WD towards Berkelah trailhead.


Hiking starts.

Middle of the journey towards campsite.  It’s quite a dangerous path with slippery rock along a good lengthy (30 minutes) stretch of hike before reaching camp site near 7th falls.   It is also very exposed and were we sun burnt and puncture because of the heat from the sun and the hot rock surface.

The chairs were the first to be assembled after a tiring hike.

Nice campsite arrangement.

At the 7th fall.

Water play before sun down.

  Grilling bacon.

Vege with the sauces prepared by TY was so good.  Enjoying the dinner the jungle way without the need for own cutlery.

Nice steak.

Happy hour, smiley face.

Overall, my opinion of this waterfall site:

5-star for water fall view.

3-star for water quality, not see through clarity water.

2-star for hiking trail, due to dangerous rock surface and sloops. Definitely not recommended for kids below 15.